What Is a Smart Basketball?

What Is a Smart Basketball?

What is a smart basketball? 

This the first question people ask us when they hear about SIQ. And it should be! There has never been anything like the SIQ basketball. It is the first smart game game ball that feels exactly like a regular basketball and instantly tracks all of your shooting data and analytics. No equipment, no cameras, no sensors, no expensive set ups. Just a basketball, a smart phone (or tablet), and you. And maybe your teammates, if you want to let them in on the magic.

What kind of shot tracking technology does the SIQ basketball have?

The SIQ smart basketball tracks all of your stats automatically: Makes, misses, swishes, release angle, release time, spin rate, consistency, shot situation, shot distance, and your hot spots on the court. Gone are the days where you guess how many shots were swishes. No more eye tests when you’re trying to improve your release angle. Our patented technology is 99.9% accurate, giving you stats wherever and whenever. Indoor and outdoor.

Can a smart basketball improve your game?

Yes. Check out this case study on ISA!

Duncan Robinson, professional basketball player on the NBA's Miami Heat, using the indoor men's smart basketball.

Is the SIQ smart basketball an official game ball? 

Our ball was developed by hoopers for hoopers, and it was important to us that the SIQ basketball was not only a smart ball, but also a world class game ball. After years of testing, we are very proud to be the world’s only FIBA-approved smart basketball on the market. That means the SIQ ball is regulation weight and size – it will feel just like any other basketball when you’re using it. The first time Duncan Robinson picked it up, he knocked down 34 straight threes and said “This feels like any other basketball I’ve ever shot.”

Are there indoor and outdoor smart basketballs? Are there sizes for men and women?

We offer indoor and outdoor basketballs in men’s and women’s/youth sizes, so ballers of all ages can get their stats on any court with a net. As of September 2021, we’ve tracked more than 2 million shots from players around the world…and that number is growing every day.

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Questions about our smart technology?

If you have any questions about the SIQ smart basketball and our app, please feel free to reach out.

Kayla McBride, professional female basketball player on WNBA's Minnesota Lynx, using the outdoor women's smart basketball.